Cold аppetizers
Baikal Whitefish Sagudai Tender fish selection served with crispy rye bread, onion and lingonberry water
800 rub. 200 g
Local Fish Delicacies Light-salted and cold smoked trout, light-salted baikal whitefish; served with homemade sweet mustard sauce and fresh cucumber
1 200 rub. 150 g
Siberian Pike Caviar Served with Russian pancake «Bliny»; homemade sour cream, onion and fresh cucumber
680 rub. 120 g
Baikal Whitefish «Stroganina» Siberian appetizer with lingonberry water
900 rub. 130 g
Meat Cold Cuts Selection
Meat Cold Cuts Selection Homemade marinated pork brisket and duck breast, beef tongue and stewed marbled beef
900 rub. 250 g
Homemade Siberian Pickles Pickled tomatoes and cucumbers, cabbage marinated with lingonberry, homemade lecho, salted fern
400 rub. 270 g
Salted Mushrooms with Whipped Sour Cream
500 rub. 140 g
Cheese Selection with Homemade Cheese Fenugreek cheese, camembert, dor blue with parmesan; served with stewed apricot sauce and Borodino bread
700 rub. 150 g
Homemade Chicken Liver Pate
Homemade Chicken Liver Pate
350 rub. 100/40/40 g
Wine Plate
Wine Plate roast beef, salami, dried tomatoes, green and black olives, chicken pate, ciabatta, Dorblue cheese, camembert, lecho, pickled cucumber, stewed apricots
1 700 rub. 500 g

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